Kailua Seller

Now that the dust has settled, and there was plenty of it flying around as we prepared for the open house showings, it seems appropriate to take a moment and compliment you on a terrific job in listing, showing and selling the house.  It was a very important endeavor for us and something that we had never attempted prior to this experience.  There is a natural trepidation attached to an undertaking of this magnitude not to mention a degree of emotional baggage.  Your professionalism and diligent preparation enabled us to realize a positive result with a minimum of discomfort – I don’t see how it could have been any more successful.

There are a number of reasons why we would highly recommend you to others and we write this letter with the intent that you may utilize it as a testimonial in future situations.  The first thing that we noticed, and liked, was the thorough preparation and research that you brought to the project.  Every important item was well presented and applicable to the task.  The few questions we had were answered on the spot or by the next day.

A particular strength of yours, Brad, is the attention to detail and complete and quality follow up you provided for any loose ends or concerns.  This demonstrates not only ability but, of the greatest importance to us, the respect and concern that you assigned to our requests.  Call it meaningful service.  You’re also a hard worker and, in the long run, hard work trumps all.  Another significant quality that we appreciated was your complete loyalty to our express goal in selling the house.  It was clear that you sincerely had our best interest as your foremost priority at all times.  

Your company is first class with a multitude of resources that would have to impress anyone.  From some of your senior management people, whom we met, to your highly capable administrative assistant to the state of the art technology that your company brings to the project, we felt that we had a highly professional organization helping us. The proof is in the results and we are extremely pleased at the selling price and the speed with which it was accomplished.

Best of luck, Brad, in your selling career and know that we enjoyed dealing with you and extend our highest recommendation for your services. Aloha!