Kakaako Condo Seller & Buyer

We would like to take this opportunity to write about our realtor, Brad Dang.  Brad was highly recommended to us by our financial planner in February.  He explained to us that Brad was extremely hard working, thorough, and always takes the time to give detailed explanations.  Brad is also a full-time realtor, which was an important aspect for us.  We wanted someone that would be always available rather than a realtor working on a part time basis.  Our prior experiences with other realtors did not quite meet our expectations; however, when we first met Brad, our minds were set as ease.  

We were thoroughly impressed by his professionalism and inviting personality.  He immediately provided us with the sales data of our condo and of the condos in the surrounding area for us to review.  At our second meeting he meticulously explained the steps involved to sell our property and advised us on our duties as a seller.  What was most comforting was his confidence that we would be successful in selling our unit.  Brad helped us determine a reasonable asking price, worked hard to create a marketing strategy and went the extra mile to notify all of his contacts about our unit. 

We had such a successful turnout at the first Broker’s Open and Open House that we were confident that all of his efforts would pay off and we were definitely in good hands.  Overall, Brad made the selling experience extremely pleasant for us.  As first time sellers we were apprehensive, but with Brad’s dedication and expertise, we were able to successfully sell our unit at a price we wanted.

Now that we are looking again to purchase our next home, we are eager to work with him again. We would definitely recommend Brad as a realtor to anyone who is in the market to either sell or purchase property.  Not only have we come to respect him as our realtor but we also consider Brad as a great friend.