Sell-Buy Investors

My wife and I met Brad about 1.5 – 2 years ago. He was recommended from one of our financial advisors.  At the time we were looking for a potential investment property, through the process Brad was very thorough and informative.  He was never pushy or forceful and I that’s what helped us develop our trust in him.  We actually never made a purchase at the time, but Brad was always there to answer any questions we had regarding potential properties, the market, interest rates, and running through some situations that we could potentially run into.

Fast forward to now, in the past 5 months we have now used Brad for two transactions.  First to acquire our new single-family home.  And then to sell one of our investment properties.  Throughout the whole process Brad was responsive, helpful, informative, and made our transactions on both sides extremely smooth. We can’t thank Brad enough as he is extremely easy to work with and very personable.  He’s very easy going and we would highly recommend his excellence in customer service, knowledge, and easy going attitude.

Thank you Brad for all your help for us.  We really appreciate your hardworking!