Waikiki Condo Seller

Life is full of blessings when you have the opportunity and privilege to meet very dedicated, ethical and professional individuals one of those individuals is my realtor, Brad Dang.  I had the honor of meeting Brad shortly before my father’s passing. Brad had been my father’s realtor and my dad strongly suggested that I meet with him to decide what to do with his current residence.  I recall the many conversations that I had with my father where he would praise Brad’s professionalism and knowledge; but even more importantly, his kindness and dedication.

Brad had gone above and beyond the expectations of my father when he sold his previous residence and my father had only wonderful praise for him.  Upon my first meeting with Brad, I knew beyond any doubt that Brad would be able to assist me during this difficult time.  My father passed away shortly after my initial meeting with Brad.  I was very indecisive about what to do about his residence’s lease it or sell it.  Brad met with me and my husband on several occasions and listened intently through our multitudes of questions, carefully assisting us in evaluating the pros and cons of both scenarios.  

I left Hawaii still with much indecision, but thanks to Brad, a good foundation on which to base my future decision.  I returned to Texas and Brad was kind enough to contact me to see how I was doing.  It was at that time, that I decided to sell my father’s condominium.  I was very honest with Brad and told him that I was very unfamiliar with the entire real estate selling process.  To complicate matters, I was in Texas and was selling the condominium through a trust.  I put my complete confidence in Brad as he guided me through each step of the process: thorough market research on the listing, determining a reasonable asking price, identifying a marketing strategy and calendar, listing, showing and selling the condo.

Through all of this, Brad held our hand through each step of the negotiations.  He was always available to answer questions and never made us feel as though our questions were ignorant.  Since I was not in Hawaii at the time, Brad worked very closely with the condominium management to make sure that everything went smoothly.  Whenever I spoke or e-mailed with him, I was completely amazed and grateful at how much he had done for me and how I could have never handled this entire transaction long distance without his kindness and dedication.  My father had completely quite a few renovations on the condo and Brad met with the appraiser and made sure to show him the many improvements that were made that otherwise would have been overlooked.  

Thanks to Brad’s diligence and expertise, we were actually able to sell our condo at our asking price. This sale was very emotional for me, but through Brad’s understanding, empathy and complete loyalty to me, he made this difficult choice so much easier.  I will always consider Brad not only the best realtor I have ever had the blessing to meet, but a good friend for life.

Should I ever be fortunate enough in the future to purchase a property in Hawaii, Brad will be the first person I will contact.  I highly recommend Brad Dang for any of your real estate needs.  It is rare today to meet someone with such a combination of excellence and grace.  Mahalo and with so much thanks